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The work presented here is just a modest set of examples of what we do. We've done many other projects including apps, games, websites, open source, design, illustration, animation, and whatnot, and whatyes. Really, we've done tons of great stuff all over the world. Huge respect to all developers, freelancers, customers who work/worked with us. Get in touch for further details.

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A Spreadsheet SDK

With the Spreadsheet component you can develop Excel style apps in Flash or Flex and apply any custom UI. Open source under MIT license.


We worked with a core team of YouView - a next gen operating system for smart TV's. Project led by BBC, iTV, British Telecom and others.

Little Black Book

LBBonline is now the fastest growing online platform for the global creative industries. Advertising, film production, animation, design, brand strategy, digital and more, we celebrate cutting-edge creative work and the people behind it.

Marylin Manson Website

A website for the artist, very interactive experince portraying the audio and visual art and well as the style of the artist.

Access Hollywood

A reliable source for pop culture fans to find out the latest information on what's really happening in entertainment news. Access Hollywood needed to become a "mobile first" brand in order to better reach their fans on the platforms where they spend their most time. Current Label was a technical partner of Sudden Industries, read case study.
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Keyboarding Without Tears

Develop key power with engaging keyboard activities to build muscle memory. Complete the teaching of the entire keyboard and build skills through practicing common letter combinations, frequently used short words, and sentences.

Steve Harvey TV

NBC Universal was launching a new syndicated talk show hosted by popular national radio personality, TV host and best selling author, Steve Harvey. Capitalizing on the "King of Comedy's" popularity, NBC wanted to leverage his existing fan base to create a vibrant digital presence for the Steve Harvey Show that delivered his unique blend of common sense advice and humor. Current Label was a technical partner of Sudden Industries, read case study.
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Funbrain JR Website and Games

Funbrain Jr. ("A Fun Place to Learn") helps preschoolers and kindergarteners jumpstart their journey of learning with engaging games, stories and printables. Kids love playing and learning with Funbrain Jr., and you'll love that they're building math, early literacy and problem solving skills, while also developing important computer skills. Current Label was a technical partner of Sudden Industries, read case study.
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Funbrain JR App

Funbrain Jr. is a collection of unique and vibrant games for preschoolers and kindergarteners that helps jumpstart their journey of learning. Offering five separate fun and engaging games, Funbrain Jr. introduces little learners to several important skills while they play. Current Label was a technical partner of Sudden Industries, read case study.
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Kindergarten Readiness

Help prepare your preschooler for kindergarten with the Kindergarten Readiness app (compatible with iPhone 4s and above). Get fun activities and games to practice the 30 essential skills your preschooler will need for this big step, with a comprehensive checklist (available in Spanish). Current Label was a technical partner of Sudden Industries, read case study. View app: Apple App Store


Sometimes you don't understand your teacher, your textbooks make no sense, and you have to read sixteen chapters by tomorrow. SparkNotes is a resource you can turn to when you're confuzzled. We help you understand books, write papers, and study for tests. As SparkNotes editors, our mission is to help you make sense of confusing schoolwork.


BBC Jam (formerly known as BBC Digital Curriculum) was an online educational service operated by the BBC from January 2006 to 20 March 2007. The service was available free across the United Kingdom offering multi-media educational resources. Jam was the BBC's provision for the Digital Curriculum, an initiative launched by the British Government to provide computer-based learning in UK schools, and had a budget of £150 million.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Interactive DVD Series on Variety of Topics

Visual Teaching Guide for Writing Improvement

The goal of the project was to build an eLearning application by transforming the book into an eBook and develop Microsoft Word like editor to manipulate the text in the book. Editor included tools like highlight, underline, strikethrough, circle out, bold, italic, change font, add note, change color, add proofreading mark, save file, open file.

Open City Festival Site

Published first in 2002, it promotes an anual festival of street arts in Ptuj - the oldest town of Slovenia. It is an interactive and animated expereince portraying the happenings and perfromances of the festival through user interface.


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